Welcome to The Winding Path Rabbitry

We are a very small rabbitry located in Hampton, Ontario.  We breed and show quality, purebred jersey wooly rabbits we also show purebred French angora rabbits. Look for us at the Brooklin Fair, the Orono Fair as well as the Royal Winter Fair in Toronto as well as a few other shows in Ontario.

We are members of the Dominion Rabbit & Cavy Breeders Association, and the American Rabbit Breeders Association (ARBA).  Our Rabbitry is also registered with ARBA as Rabbitry # C784.

The jersey wooly was developed to provide a small pet rabbit with wool that was easy to care for.  It entered the Ontario show circuit in the early 1980s.  With a wonderful array of showable colours, the Wooly is a popular exhibition breed and because of their friendly temperament they make lovely pets as well.

Jersey Woolys

Jersey Wooly Does

Farfelu's Buttercup (Broken chestnut)

 Windingpath's Daisy


Jersey Wooly Bucks

Sunnyheighs Snapper (blue)






Farfelu's Pepper (siamese sable





 Farfelu's Silver (smoke pearl)






OUR Jersey Wooly Does

    Farfelu's Buttercup (Broken Chestnut)





  Won Best of breed Royal

Winter Fair 2015 (out of 16 rabbits)    

      Farfelu's Pepper (Siamese Sable)





         Sunnyheights Fantasia      














OUR Jesey Wooly BUCKS

Farfelu's Silver (smoke pearl)







   Sunnyheights Snapper


Won ROB Royal winter fair 2015 out of 16

French Angoras  and Giant Angora                                         

French Angora

 Fuzzies Cocoa (chocolate doe)








 French Angora - DoeJet





  French Angora

 Fuzzies Snow  (REW buck)



 Fuzzies Sabre - Sable Buck


 Fuzzies Puff (fawn buck)

      Giant Angora

 Have A Heart - Omar Buck



Available Litters


please email me for baby availability







OTHER BUNNIES from the past


 Fuzzies Henry (RIP) Best bunny ever

 Barrie show 2013 BOB




 Past Bunnies - Sparkplug  Cory's former show bunny (Flemish Giant)




Brooklin Spring Fair - June  

Royal Winter Fair (Toronto) November 


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